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  PT WIKA Bitumen provides an exciting and dynamic workplace to build proactive performance.
  We expect the highest standards in everything, please kind teamwork and ask everyone to share their experiences and learning.

  If you are interested in applying for employment with us, please contact our HR department via

  Email: hrd@wikabitumen.co.id


Marketing Job Vacancy
It takes Marketing staff to market Asphalt Buton product under WIKA Group with the following conditions: 1. Male and Female (male preferred). 2. Maximum age of 40 years. 3. S1 all majors except Law. 4. Experience as Marketing in large companies 5...
Manager Operational Mining Vacancy
It takes Manager Operational Mining to become a leader Asphalt Buton Mining at site Kabungka-Lawele under WIKA Group with the following conditions: 1. Male . 2. Maximum age of 45 years. 3. Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) Mining Engineering. 4. ...

Commitment to Deliver Excellent Products


WIKA Building Tower 1, 7th Floor. Jl.D.I. Panjaitan Kav.9, Jakarta 13340, Indonesia. Phone : +6221 85909416
Fax : +6221 85909416
Banabungi, Pasar Wajo, Buton Island, South East Sulawesi 93711, Phone :+62 402 2822158 Fax:+62 402 2821270
Email : info@wikabitumen.co.id



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